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Rustic Ember | The Dark Forest | 8 Ounce Candle

Rustic Ember | The Dark Forest | 8 Ounce Candle

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Oak Moss, Amber, & Fraser Fir is an earthy combination of scents you are sure to encounter in the Dark Forest. Bring a journey to the Dark Forest in to your space with none of the dangers of the actual place.

 HAPPINESS FOR YOUR SENSES – I use only the purest, high quality oils and fragrances to create my soy wax candles. All of my candles have a strong scent throw.

 CLEAN BURNING SCENTS – I use 100% Organic soy blend and cedar wood wicks for a long lasting, headache free burn.

 SAFE & ADDITIVE-FREE CANDLES – No additives, lead, or dyes.

 STYLISH, BEAUTIFUL CANDLES – With a minimalist, sleek style, my candles fit in with anyone’s home or spa décor and there is a scent for everyone!

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