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Knock Knock Video Doorbell WiFi Enabled

Knock Knock Video Doorbell WiFi Enabled

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This internet frequency doorbell is equipped with some really intelligent features...

Conveniently and remotely monitor everything that is happening at your home or office from anywhere and at any given time! This wireless doorbell is easy to install, it also has ultra long time standby feature and a recording video call capacity that gets stored for you so you can playback the recordings any time you want to watch what is happening around your home or office. The two way talk back function lets you talk to your visitors so you can greet them and the intruders so you can shoo them away!

Bring your Home or Office remotely on your Smartphone and have a peace of mind with Knock Knock!

This WiFi-enabled doorbell comes has the following features:

  • Video Call function,
  • An Automatic Video Capture,
  • Select Ringtone and
  • Visual Intercom.
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