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Endurance Compression Socks for Running and Hiking

Endurance Compression Socks for Running and Hiking

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Endurance Compression Socks for Running and Hiking

Need exceptional therapeutic support that relieves pain while improving circulation and preventing injuries? Get JupiterGear’s graduated compression socks! They’re great for all types of activities and sports including running, walking, hiking, cycling, weight training, and CrossFit. These compression socks are also ideal during pregnancy, while traveling and flying, or when your job calls you to be on your feet all day.

JupiterGear brings you products that allow you to stay active and crush your goals. Get inspired and realize your full potential with our innovative and smart fitness solutions created with unwavering standards and an athlete’s eye. From triathlons to your daily fitness routine to a walk along the beach, we have the products that will gear you up so you can push past your limits.

Features at a Glance:

  • Improve performance
  • Increase circulation and recover faster
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Double stitched durability
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Smooth seams reduce friction
  • Superior compression technology

SUPERIOR COMPRESSION: Engineered with the latest 20-30 mmHg compression technology, JupiterGear’s graduated compression socks offer targeted foot-to-calf muscle support to give your daily activities and fitness routine the boost they need! Made from durable material that naturally form to your legs, these socks provide the ultimate in support and stretch where you need it the most. Whether you have sore calves, leg cramps, inflammation, edema, shin splints, or varicose veins, these socks will help you train harder, recover quicker, and allow you to stay on your feet longer.

INJURY RECOVERY: Tired of being in pain? Our graduated compression socks provide you with the level of support you need, when you need it. They also alleviate the soreness caused by numerous conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, deep vein thrombosis, muscle pulls, and shin splints. These compression socks even give you relief from leg swelling from your pregnancy!

BOOST BLOOD FLOW: Tightest at the ankle and gradually decreasing up through the calf and leg, these socks offer the best in improved blood circulation. You will notice better performance and less injuries. They help decrease blood lactates, as well as reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and blood clots. You may even see less spider veins on your legs!

SEAMLESS FIT: Smooth seams throughout the toe reduce friction for consistent, controlled compression and advanced compression technology soothe achy legs and feet, relieving symptoms of varicose veins and diminishing swelling. Great to be worn before, during, and after your workout, these compression socks are moisture resistant and lightweight enough for you to wear for hours in complete comfort without the worry of leg fatigue.

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: Designed to prevent shin splints, leg cramps, and muscle fatigue, these compression socks will be your go-to for high-level performance training. You won’t have to replace these supportive socks because they retain their compression even after your toughest workouts. They won’t irritate your skin, and the durable high-quality compression fabric will fit snugly to your legs, wear after wear.

FOR ALL ACTIVITIES: These socks work great for all your activities, including running, hiking, CrossFit, sports, cycling, yoga, jogging, walking, and any type of training. They are also amazing if you just had surgery or are doing physical therapy. For high-impact or low-impact movements, our professional compression socks help you warm up safely and recover rapidly. Use them every day! If you’re pregnant, work long hours standing, travel a lot, or if you are very active, these socks will be your perfect accessory.


  • S/M: US Women 5.5-8.5 / US Men 5-9
  • L/XL: US Women 8-15.5 / US Men 8-14
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