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Assorted Chocolate Gift Box - (16 count) Dairy Free, Kosher.

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box - (16 count) Dairy Free, Kosher.

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Chocolate has always been the luxury gift of choice, and the four flavors in this enticing assortment take its level of cachet up a notch. The enticing rows of mouth-watering chocolate are guaranteed to excite every chocolate lover.

Berry Swirl
A luscious berry center is enveloped by layers of creamy chocolate ganache and dark chocolate coating, topped with shimmering pink crystals. Indulge in this creative combination of textures and flavors.

Sink your teeth through the rich dark chocolate top layer to reach the nut crispy center. Savor the intense crispy flavor in every morsel. A chocolate lover’s dream!

Hazelnut Truffle
This artisan combination of rich dark chocolate and soft creamy truffle encases its surprise swirl center. Savor the taste, as the dreamy taste of luxury, lingers for hours.

Nutty Diamond
Indulge your taste buds with the intense flavor of dark chocolate and peanut butter crispy center. Topped with white chocolate drizzle and cashew sprinkles for a delicious taste of nuttiness!


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