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3 in 1 Multi Device Qi Wireless Fast Charger

3 in 1 Multi Device Qi Wireless Fast Charger

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Its a 3 in 1 Qi-Enabled Single wireless charger will simultaneously charge your Apple Phone, Airpods and Apple iWatch in quick fast charging mode. It has built-in triple coils that quickly charge your devices. It is most convenient to have this laying on your nightstand or your office table to keep all your devices charged at all time and ready to use.


Comes with a USB cord to plug to a USB wall outlet you may have. The wireless charger also has a built-in auto regulator which will only charge when needed so it does not deplete your devices battery life by overcharging when not needed.

  • Quick Fast 3 in 1 multi-device Wireless charger.
  • Works will all Apple wireless devices.
  • Also compatible with any Qi-enabled wireless devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lg, and others.
  • Comes in Multiple colors.
  • Power cable for the Wireless charger included.

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